About Us

מצעד האקלים בישראל

SDGIsrael is a community of all the stakeholders of SDGs in Israel

SDGIsrael is YKCenter’s impact project. As a member of the UNGC, YKCenter “Makes global goals local business”. Our focus is to take Israel’s innovation, start-up know-how and spirit to leverage our solution providing power to solve the world’s most pressing issues and bring forward game-changing players to the global game.

SDGIsrael is a community of all the stakeholders of SDGs in Israel. Our vision is to bring Israel to the SDGs and bring the SDGs to Israel. What that means is implementing a bottom up and top-down approach to implementing the SDGs.

We are creating the community of young activists, Millennials, professionals and anyone who wants to make a difference with the SDGs in order to move Israel into action. We are offering a place to get knowledge, tools and connections to advance the SDGs.

We are also looking to reach out to businesses and organizations to help implement and strategize in accordance with the SDGs. We help align company values with the global goals. We believe that with our approach we can affect real change and movement in our country.

Our community is very young and new. We are currently focusing on mapping out organization and people in Israel and measuring what SDGs they focus on. We are growing our membership daily and within just 2 months we have grown to hundreds of members.

We are always looking for partners in Israel and around the world. As we focus on goal #17, partnership for the goals, we believe that any connection and affiliation can go a long way. Please feel free to contact us


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