2B Friendly

2B Friendly

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The 2B Friendly Association, which is the contemporary incarnation of the Circles of Justice Association, promotes a sustainable and social economy that sees the profit of business alongside with profit of value. We believe that all of us, consumers and business owners, have the great power to positively influence the society and the environment, through consumer favorites that connect our values with the money we spend on a regular basis. Activity: with local businesses. We offer every business a package of improvements and support free of charge if they wish to expand and raise the bar of their influence. A business that is “friendly” receives a quality mark from us, which brands it as a social/environmental business and benefits from promotion in the association’s business database, social networks and in the Easy app. In addition, we work to raise awareness of the power of the consumer. We encourage consumers to choose to spend their money wisely because every purchase has an impact. Consumers who choose to make their daily purchases specifically in businesses with the 2B Friendly label will promote change both at a societal and environmental level and at the level of the economic profit of those friendly businesses.

What is being Measured?

7.3 – the number of businesses that committed to energy efficiency according to our questionnaire.

8.3 – the number of businesses that recruited and improved the employment conditions of their employees.

8.4 – the number of businesses that used the database of friendly suppliers given to them and switched to using sustainable products (the vast majority are small businesses).

8.5 – the number of businesses that reported to us or started employing people with disabilities in their business.

11.6 – the number of businesses that improved in the environmental part of our questionnaire.

11.8 – the number of authorities that work with us.

12.3 – the number of businesses that decided to reduce food waste.

12.5 – the number of businesses that have pledged to avoid waste disposal and/or to separate waste.

12.8 – number of searches made in the database of friendly businesses on our website, and the number of people exposed to our content on Facebook.

17.7 – the number of businesses recruited to the database, the size of the friendly consumers community and the number of organizations with which we cooperate.