Main SDG

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Additional SDGs


Atollo is an innovation and product strategy agency. We help our customers produce high-quality, relevant products with great development potential and help them attach significant sustainability values to their activities and find the way to express these values in their products. In addition, Atollo is engaged in the training of the self-employed and private entrepreneurs in the same fields.

What is being Measured?

5.5.2 Ensuring full participation and increasing the percentage of women in management positions and decision-making branches.

1. In 9 of the 12 clients we worked with during the last year, the number of women in the management level doubled.

2. With all our clients, without exception, we have been able to integrate relevant dimensions from SDG as part of their product strategy.

3. We provided targeted training and counseling for youth and women in the fields of entrepreneurship, which resulted in about 17 projects during the past year.