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Baromar stores energy for long periods in large quantities (at a size of gigawatt-hours or more) using compressed air in underwater facilities. The uniqueness of the product stems from the design of a rigid underwater structure made of environmentally friendly marine concrete, without moving parts that uses the hydrostatic pressure of the sea in order to reduce costs to extremely low levels. This opens up a large market for storage in large volumes using the proven CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) technology.

How can you support this initiative?

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What is being Measured?

7.3.1 Measured as the number of gigawatt-hours stored per year. Also measured as a mix of clean energy.

12.2.1 Total consumption of primary raw materials (*biomass, fossil fuels and metals) in the construction of each facility.

13.2.1 Supporting national strategies to deal with climate change through the use of renewable energy. Baromar technology enables the storage of large amounts of renewable energy and makes a wider use of renewable energies feasible.