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Better Juice

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Better Juice Ltd. is the first start-up company in food tech that introduced an innovative technology to reduce all types of sugars in orange juice. The patented technology uses natural ingredients to convert monosaccharides and disaccharides (fructose, glucose and sucrose) into fiber and prebiotic and other non-digestible sugars, while maintaining the juicy taste of the drink, into a digestible drink. Popular juices contain almost 1 gram (25 grams) of sugar per one cup (250 ml) serving. Traditional juicing methods remove almost all of the natural dietary fiber and the health and satiety benefits of fiber. The solution introduces a simple transitional step in the juice process, while maintaining the great taste and the full complement of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, suitable for high-end industrial systems and restaurants.

What is being Measured?

3.4.1 Reduction of the amount of sugar up to 80% in a product unit, according to the recommended daily amount of sugar to reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases per year in reference to a clinical study by the WHO organization – in accordance with the recommended amount of sugar per day.

12.2.1/8.4.1 X tons of primary raw materials consumption at the biological level (fruits) per year for the customers X enzyme fixation ton/kg at the biological level per year.