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Bioshade Tech

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BioShade is developing a scalable green infrastructure for the built environment - autonomous and modular growing systems for urban greening integrated with AI, IoT and hydroponic technologies. BioShade's Green Infrastructure is completely automated and modular and can interface to any element in the city (roof\ wall\ shading element) while creating sustainable biological shading which performs CO2 capture, air quality improvement and biological thermal insulation for buildings in order to decrease energy consumption on air cooling and mitigate the urban heat island effects.

How can you support this initiative?

Investment and financial support
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What is being Measured?

9.4.1 - Measured as the tons of CO2e sequestered by Bioshade infrastructure. Reported annually.
11.6.2 - Measured as the change in annual mean fine particulate matter (e.g. PM2.5 and PM10) in cities (population weighted), particularly in areas with Bioshade tech infrastructure.
11.7.1 - Measured as the amount of square meters of green area built by Bioshade.
13.2.1 - Bioshade tech supports national and municipal strategies for dealing with climate change. Bioshade does this by decreasing the urban heat island effect in cities, sequestering carbon, creating green areas and lessening energy use in areas installed with the infrastructure.