City Transformer

City Transformer

Main SDG

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Additional SDGs

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City Transformer develops the world's first all-electric mobility solution that intelligently transforms its dimensions and riding behavior while driving, to meet the complex challenges of those who call the world’s largest cities “home”.

How can you support this initiative?

Investment and financial support
Connections and networking

What is being Measured?

12.2.1 - Total material footprint (fossil fuels, metals, etc.) used in manufacturing cars. Reported annually.
Total number of users a year in City Tranformer cars, used as public transport, or as a substitute to public transport. Reported 11.2.1 - by number, sex, age, and people with disabilites.
9.4.1 - Measured as the savings in carbon footprint as a result of using City-1, compared with standard shared vehicles. Reported annually in tons of CO2e.