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Clariter is a cleantech company specializing in the development and implementation of advanced and unique solutions in the field of chemical recycling for plastics in Israel and around the world. The global Clariter group, which has a variety of technological patents and innovative CLARITER solutions for mixed plastic waste (colors, types and hardness) which is an urgent global nuisance. Through CLARITER’s unique process, plastic waste is converted into high-quality chemicals; oils, solvents, and waxes (‘Clariter products’). Clariter’s essence – turning a nuisance into a value-creating resource for humanity is not an afterthought but a central business strategy. This value was created by providing sustainable economic solutions, innovative cleantech solutions for the disposal of various types of plastics and creating leading products of high purity chemical products for relevant industries. In light of the growing demand for clean, effective and useful technologies, the volatility in the oil markets, the growing demand for crude oil and the need to meet strict international environmental standards, Clariter technologies allow significant and sustainable opportunities to address and find solutions to the global plastic waste problem. Clariter has developed a unique and cutting-edge technology in combination with existing knowledge such as thermal cracking and refining. The process and products are new, unique and, so far, protected by six patents. The products that Clariter manufactures are produced worldwide and in Israel usually from oil, so in the production process we both get rid of plastic and prevent the unnecessary use of oil. By building the Clariter Israel facility, utilizing local plastic waste and developing additional Clariter Israel products, Clariter Israel will produce for both local and international markets. Clariter Israel intends to lead in the Israeli cleantech industry, create jobs and be a dominant player in the world.

What is being Measured?

12.5.1 We are in the process of planning the Clariter Israel plant, the plant is expected to receive 60,000 tons of plastic waste per year as raw material. The measurement in Israel will be completed through an increase in the recycling rate at the national level.

12.6.1 Measurement of existing reports that are published from 2020

12.7.1 Integrating a sustainable procurement policy into the company’s procedures – measuring the number of procurement operations made according to the environmental procedures out of all the procurement operations carried out in the year.

12.8 Clariter Academy is a unique educational project that Clariter conducts in the local communities (in Poland, Israel and South Africa). We measure the number of lectures given in schools/universities/companies on sustainability and/or recycling by Clariter as part of the program. Also, a questionnaire is made, to be given at the end of the lectures by the audience.