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DryGair Energies Ltd

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DryGair leads the dry market for commercial agriculture and specializes in humidity control and monitoring in greenhouses and closed habitats. Unlike other dryer manufacturers, DryGair’s solution was developed at the Volcani Center in Israel, and is intended exclusively for growers. This focus on the climate conditions typical of controlled growing conditions only (80% relative humidity and 18 degrees Celsius) is what differentiates it from its competitors, and because of this it even received global recognition as the leading brand in the field. The traditional solutions for humidity control force growers to heat and ventilate at all times, which results in a lot of energy wastage, and also does not solve the problem of the fluctuation of the climate in greenhouses which leads to the development of diseases. DryGair’s solution is protected by a patent, and is sold in various markets in Europe, America, Africa and even Australia and New Zealand.

What is being Measured?

We would want to measure the change in energy intensity in the field of greenhouses by comparing energy consumption in a “treated” greenhouse versus one that does not use the technology. The comparison is possible at a customer level or the average of the area. A measurement of energy consumption will be carried out for this purpose.