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EVR Motors has developed a unique, patented motor topology that enables smaller, lighter, lower-cost motors, tailored to user requirements. EVR Motors are less than half the size and weight of regular motors and create significant cost reduction.

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What is being Measured?

9.4.1 - Measured as carbon footprint reduction as a result of using EVR motors. Measured against a standard internal combustion engine. Calculated annualy, per motor, and classified by segment (motorcycles, sedans, industrial, etc.)
11.6.2 - Measured per motor sold. Calculated as savings in fine particulate matter (e.g. PM2.5 and PM10) in cities (population weighted) emitted as a result of using internal combustion engined - measured annually.
12.2.1 - Total material footprint (rare metals, conventional metals, etc.) with an emphasis on calculating the savings in rare metals used in comparison to a standard EV motor.