Main SDG

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Additional SDGs

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Eyelight is a revolutionary wearable product that provides an answer to 253 million visually impaired and blind people worldwide. It does this by replacing the sense of sight with hearing and touch, to compensate for the visual gap, and provides users with independence in their living environment.

What is being Measured?

8.5.1 Average income of men and women, by occupation, people with disabilities, once a year.

8.5.2 Reducing the unemployment rate – access to opportunities, jobs, improvement of conditions, once a year. (ability, security)

10.2.1 Rate in percentages of the population living below 50% of the average income by sex, age, and disability, once a year.

10.3.1 Rate in percentages of residents who reported that they felt discriminated against or were personally harassed, during the past months, on the basis of discrimination prohibited by international human rights law, once a year.

3.4.2 Reducing the suicide rate, by reducing the feeling of isolation once a year.