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FILLIT is a project that aims to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that cause pollution of natural resources and contribute to global warming. Reducing the use of plastic bottles will be done by multiple use of a disposable product – repeated use by the consumer by filling the containers at the stations scattered throughout the country in a simple and convenient way. The solution is a win-win for all parties – end consumers, municipalities/councils, retailers and manufacturers. Each party takes responsibility by reducing plastic waste, reducing the amount of CO2, and enjoying significant savings in water, space and money.

How can you support this initiative?

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What is being Measured?

9.4 Measurement of carbon intensity – measurement of the amount of CO2 emissions in relation to a defined benchmark, measured once a year.

11.6.1 Number of tons of municipal solid waste saved from landfill or recycling due to reuse. Measured per use of the refill machine.

12.2.1 Measurement of the total consumption of primary raw materials (plastics, fossil fuels) per product. Measured per use of the refill machine.

12.5.1 In tons, the amount of material that is reused, measured per use of the machine.

13.2.1 The company has an emissions policy that is measured by the amount of emissions made by the company once a year according to the benchmark of plastic bottles and their effect on CO2e emissions.