Flying Spark

Flying Spark

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Flying Spark has developed a technology to produce high-quality, healthy and sustainable protein from fruit fly larvae as an alternative to animal protein. The company produces protein on an industrial scale and works with leading multinational food manufacturers to incorporate the protein into food products, both for humans and animals. Flying Spark’s technology combines larval rearing and processing. It is a highly efficient biological operation, turning cheap feedstock into high quality protein powders at low costs, with a minimal ecological footprint.

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What is being Measured?

12.2.1, 8.4.1 X ton consumption of biological raw materials per year (larvae of flies, the food eaten by the larvae)

2.1.1 Reducing the incidence of malnutrition – kg of the product providing protein in powder over 18 grams of protein per day. WHO (27 grams of the product will provide 18 grams*) according to the amount of consumption once every six months.

2.3.1 Output per production unit according to growing cycles per year per farmer (365 cycles per year).

2.4.1 Reduction of X dunams of agricultural areas for growing proteins (cows, plants, etc.) in an unsustainable way, measured once a year.

6.4.1 Efficiency of water use over time, measured in cubic meters per year during production, compared to traditional industries – measured once a year.

9.4.1 Reduction of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in relation to the entire production process once every six months.