Green Line

Green Line

Main SDG

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The climate crisis is one of the main threats today. We want to create a green line of vegetation on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as well as promote a regional partnership for regional coping with the crisis at an environmental level and promote such a partnership that will promote regional stability towards peace.

What is being Measured?

13a – From the moment the project is established, the amount of trees planted each year will be doubled. In the first year, 30,000 trees will be planted until the potential of planting 10 million trees in the area is exhausted. Each tree absorbs about 20 kg of carbon dioxide per year from the fourth year of its planting. This means a carbon fixation of 600 tons of carbon dioxide from the fourth year, then in an increasing sequence – 1,200, 2,400, 4,800, 9,600 tons, where in the 13th year after the initial planting, following the planting of 10 million trees, about 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year will be fixated.