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H4BEES is an agrotech company specializing in the nutritional security of the food chain, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. H4BEES operates within this gap in a world where the population is growing, and so is the demand for food, with a climate crisis affecting bee populations, a crucial component of our food supply. Our biostimulant strengthens bees, increases their resistance to various stressors (like pesticides), and significantly increases their productivity, both as pollinators and honey producers. Aside from commercial projects, our mission is to empower women in South Africa through honey sales. In one of our projects, we help women beekeepers from low socioeconomic backgrounds make a living. By using our biostimulant, we intend to demonstrate that women's honey sales will significantly increase, benefiting both women.

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What is being Measured?

2.3.1 As part of the project in Africa, double the output of seeds for small food producers, and increase output per production unit (employee in agriculture) by classifying farms/animal products/food As a result of measuring the yield before and after our activity in a controlled manner.

2.3.2 Enhancing small-scale agronomists growing different food crops - incomes, by gender and belonging to indigenous groups in Africa, before and after the project's implementation, at an ongoing frequency.

15.1.2 The ratio between all the sites important to terrestrial biological diversity in relation to those designated as protected areas, divided according to the type of ecosystem into arid and desert areas where crops are grown, and the impact of bee species on the addition of additional species.