Main SDG

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Additional SDGs


Processed milk proteins that are healthy, nutritious and sustainable. Without cows. Imagindairy combines AI technology with systematic biology to develop real, commercial milk proteins of high quality and at affordable prices. We free the dairy world from dependence on animals. Imagindairy brings a future of new possibilities and innovation to every dairy lover in the world!

What is being Measured?

9.4.1 Carbon intensity, measurement of the carbon footprint in the production process of the product per year.

12.2.1/8.4.1 X ton consumption of the primary raw materials at the biological level, and metals per year for the customers.

2.4.1 A reduction of X dunams of agricultural land for raising dairy cows in an unsustainable manner is measured once a year.

6.4.1 The efficiency of water use over time, measured in cubic meters per year during production, compared to the dairy industry, per year.