Max Impact Israel

Max Impact Israel

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The MAX program has now been operating in Israel for the fourth year. It is a program for ‘social technological leadership’ that operates in 2 main levels of influence: 1. Education for social-technological leadership – training for social-technological entrepreneurship for high school students (within the annual technological final projects) working together with students in the faculties of entrepreneurship and design and a supportive business and social community 2. Creating social change – sprouting impact-technological ventures, on a wide scale, for realization and application in the business-social world. As part of the MAX program (non-profit), every year we produce multidisciplinary ‘task teams’ consisting of a 12th grade high school student majoring in technology together with an entrepreneurship student and a design student, who work together throughout the year as a dedicated entrepreneurial team, for the benefit of developing a technological-social project that reaches an initial technological application (prototype) with business-social feasibility. Today the program operates in both the social and geographic center and periphery and is accessible to Hebrew and Arabic speakers. So far, the program has supported over 100 social tech projects, among other things through cooperation and access to needs from the social world in collaboration with associations and social organizations such as: Beit Mikha, Or Yarok, Alut, Lasova, the Center for the Blind, Make a Wish, type 1 diabetes and more – to view the website of the projects that were supported this year visit

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What is being Measured?

4.4 Rate of 12th grade teenagers and students with technological and supporting ICT skills by type of skill, by sex, age and geographic region per year.

8.5.1 Employment leadership, comprehensive and fair employment, improvement in the type of job and the level of income by sex, type of employment, age per year.