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Nostromo provides ice-based energy storage solutions to commercial and industrial buildings that reduce emissions and energy costs, and increase resilience. In this way, Nostromo helps accelerate the renewable revolution. The Nostromo IceBrick™ energy storage system uses ice to store energy when electricity prices are low and renewable energy is abundant, and discharge the energy to avoid purchasing electricity that is carbon intensive and expensive. The IceBrick is non-flammable, modular and compact, easily retrofitted to existing commercial and industrial buildings.

How can you support this initiative?

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What is being Measured?

7.2.1 - Total amount of kwh used from renewable sources as part of the overall energy use in a building. Calculated from the sum total of buildings with Nostromo systems.
9.4.1 - Carbon footprint of the system - measurered as the CO2e emissions saved as a result of using Nostromo systems, compared to the same building without the system. Reported once a year, per building
11.6.1 - Nostromo systems avoid emitting heat during the day and prevent urban heat island effects - this enhances air quality and is measured as the saving in emissions translated into heat per kilowatt.
13.2.1 - Nostromo systems support national and local strategies for dealing with climate change. Specifically adoption of renewable energy strategies and the ability to manage and respond to heat waves, black outs, brown outs, etc.