On Time

On Time

Main SDG

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Additional SDGs

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OnTime is an AI community based sustainable and social last mile delivery for rural areas.

How can you support this initiative?

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City: כל הארץ

What is being Measured?

8.3.1 - Total number of annual users, and the amount of hours per user. Classified by sex and parental status. Reported annually.
5.4.1 - Measured as the percentage of household work women do through On Time systems. Reported by the number of tasks and hours a given household devotes to said tasks, before and after using On Time systems. Calculated as the percentage of outsourced work, collected by survey through the system.
9.4.1 - Measured as the savings in carbon footprint, calculated by the number of kilometers saved by using the app, compared to standard delivery and driving routes. Reported annually.