Refeel – Zero Waste Market

Refeel – Zero Waste Market

Main SDG

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Additional SDGs


The ReFeel store was established as part of the Zero Waste Community initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the harms of overconsumption, the disposable culture and plastic waste, and at the same time promote innovative solutions and sustainable consumption at home, in organizations and in the community. ReFeel was established from the personal need to redefine lifestyles with solutions and circular models alongside healthy and safe quality products that are produced under fair trade conditions and which support the values of sustainability and respect natural resources.

What is being Measured?

12.2.2 Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, percentage of primary raw material
Around 1000 private consumers per year reduced the use of plastic bags and replaced them with reusable cloth bags.
Around 5000 plastic cups that were replaced with reusable cups at events and festivals throughout the quarter.
Reducing the use of plastic products by 50,000 kg per year.

12.7.1 Procurement procedures – adding approximately 50 business companies that adopt sustainable practices within their production chain per year (reducing plastic packaging for deliveries).