Vanilla Vida

Vanilla Vida

Main SDG

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Additional SDGs

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We are a start-up company with two passions: innovation and natural products. Our proprietary cultivation process ensures we tap into the true potential of natural ingredients and flavors. Our mission is to make natural flavors more available and more affordable, while freeing food companies from dependence on synthetic ingredients. We start things off with the most popular and challenging flavor of all – vanilla.

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What is being Measured?

2.4.1 Percentage reduction of the agricultural area in productive and sustainable agriculture compared to traditional agricultural land in the cultivation of vanilla once every six months. (40 times more output).

10.1.1 At a future employee level, the growth rates of per capita income among the lowest 40 percent of the population and the population as a whole. Before and after the start of employment. Once a year.

15.5.1 Reducing damage to natural habitats by reducing damage to the Red List Index – once a year. Acres (fixed unit of measure, score between 0-1 in the index)*.

7.2.1 Energy efficiency – How much of the energy in the production process is from renewable energy sources – once every six months.