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Wilk is a public company that operates at the crossroads of biotech and food tech and develops technologies for the production of human breast milk and animal milk. Having launched its operations in 2020, the company holds patents on laboratory production processes that replicate the milk-producing cells of humans and other mammals to create 100% real milk and milk components in the laboratory. Wilk (formerly Biomilk) is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the name “WILK”.

How can you support this initiative?

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What is being Measured?

2.4.1 The amount of agricultural land in productive and sustainable agriculture that the company uses to produce one liter in relation to the benchmark of cow’s milk, measured once a year.

3.2.2 The amount of children who were given access to breast milk who otherwise would not have had access – measured as a percentage of infant mortality (during the first month after their birth) in the previous year. (Measured as the impact of companies to whom the product was sold).

9.4 Carbon intensity – measured as the company’s carbon footprint, once a year.

12.2.1 Total consumption of primary raw materials (*biomass, fossil fuels and metals) per product per year.

13.2.1 The company has a CO emissions policy that is measured by the amount of emissions of the company once a year according to the benchmark of cow’s milk and their effect on CO2e emissions.