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Yeap develops technology for producing yeast-based proteins for the benefit of their integration as a central raw material for the production of a variety of meat and chicken substitute products. The uniqueness of the protein produced by the company lies in the taste profile that reproduces the texture and sensory experience of animal products, using a plant source that is cheap, available and healthy – non-allergenic and naturally rich in protein. The process of producing YEAP proteins is sustainable and their production is based on the principles of the circular economy and recycling.

What is being Measured?

12.2.1, 8.4.1 X ton consumption of biological raw materials per year (yeast, output from the process).

12.3.1 b. Food waste index from a parallel process of yeast production and reduction at source – depreciation and recovery. In a circular economy model. For every X ton of yeast received from the industry known to produce Y protein.

6.4.1 Measurement of the amount of water per m3, per year, in the production process of the product. Compared to other industries that produce proteins (plant, live, synthetic, etc.).