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YKCenter is an organization that promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through dedicated projects and meetings to accelerate transformation in the world. The organization works in cooperation with entities from all over the world in order to promote real change in the way organizations prepare for the upcoming changes in the new economy. The “new economy” takes into account economic, human, environmental and social elements. YKCenter promotes investments in projects that accelerate these aspects. The organization operates a financial tool for investments in the SDGs, “laboratory” events for organizational transformation in the light of the SDGs, and field activity in Israel and around the world.

What is being Measured?

17.14.1 The number of organizations that commit to measuring their impact and their influence with measurable scientific goals. For example, we are looking at how many of the organizations we come into contact with join the initiative of organizations and companies to limit their emissions in a way that will keep the Earth within 1.5 degrees Celsius of the temperature at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

17.16.1 The companies and organizations we worked with and influenced through meetings that increase the number of stakeholders in Israel that are involved in promoting the SDGs.