Yofix Probiotics

Yofix Probiotics

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Yofix Probiotics Ltd. develops and manufactures soy-free prebiotic and vegan probiotic food. The first products ready for the market are plant-based yogurt alternatives, followed by yogurt alternative drinks, desserts, frozen yogurt alternatives, ice cream bases and many others. Dedicated production facility in Israel since 2018.

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What is being Measured?

12.2.1/8.4.1 X ton consumption of biological raw materials per year – legumes, oats, sesame, coconut, fruit (unprocessed and without powders).

13.3.2 b. The food waste index has decreased as a result of the production, transportation and processing and packaging process.

6.4.1 The amount of cubic meters of water saved per year – the efficiency of water use throughout the entire production chain compared to the water consumed from yogurt made from cow’s milk. And from soy.