Zero Egg

Zero Egg

Main SDG

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Additional SDGs

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Real taste, no fingerprints and no harm to animals. If you’ve ever dreamed of a plant-based egg, you’re not alone. We have too! We wanted it all – an egg that’s good for people, friendly to chickens and easy on the planet. An egg we can believe in. The egg we all deserve. idealistic? Without a doubt. worth it? One hundred percent. A plant-based egg should be a daily choice. It should not be expensive, difficult to obtain or lacking in any way. It should be accessible to everyone. Because amazing things will happen when we all have the power of plant-based food choices. So let’s make every bite memorable.

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What is being Measured?

8.4.1/12.2.1 Total consumption of primary raw materials (biomass) in the production process, once per quarter.

6.4.1 Change in the efficiency of water use over time during the production process, once per quarter.

9.4.1 Carbon intensity, measurement of the carbon footprint in the production process, once per quarter.

13.2.1 Communication of information about the implementation of an integrated policy/strategy/plan, which increases their ability to adapt to the negative effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a way that does not threaten food production. For every million tons of sugar, a reduction of X per ton of CO2 emissions, once per quarter.

5.5.2 Percentage rate of women in management positions once a year.