Main SDG

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Additional SDGs


We walk around the world, are affected every day by our environment but we usually don’t stop to ask if the built environment could be better for us and our needs. At ZISO, integrated architecture is created with ideas of equality through innovation – ‘architecture driven by equality’. The understanding that the basis for urban planning in the world was created in periods of a different social order than today, and therefore often requires updating and change, is the engine for research and development of new building blocks. ZISO was founded in 2017 by architect Michal Ziso, who has about a decade of experience in designing towers, urban projects and urban renewal and large-scale projects. The ideas at the base of ZISO are presented in two TEDx talks: TEDxJaffaWomen, 2018, and TEDxISU International Space University, 2019.

What is being Measured?

The percentage of participants in lectures on a monthly basis on gender and diversity conscious planning who changed their positions – qualitatively and quantitatively – after the lecture.