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2B Friendly

The 2B Friendly Association, which is the contemporary incarnation of the Circles of Justice Association, promotes a sustainable and social economy that sees the profit of business alongside with profit of value. We believe that all of us, consumers and business owners, have the great power to positively influence the society and the environment, through consumer favorites that connect our values with the money we spend on a regular basis. Activity: with local businesses. We offer every business a package of improvements and support free of charge if they wish to expand and raise the bar of their influence. A business that is “friendly” receives a quality mark from us, which brands it as a social/environmental business and benefits from promotion in the association’s business database, social networks and in the Easy app. In addition, we work to raise awareness of the power of the consumer. We encourage consumers to choose to spend their money wisely because every purchase has an impact. Consumers who choose to make their daily purchases specifically in businesses with the 2B Friendly label will promote change both at a societal and environmental level and at the level of the economic profit of those friendly businesses.

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AB Advisor – Support for the Growth of Learners for the Needs of the Learner and the Teacher

Holistic measurement adapted to the needs of the learner and the teacher. Students and teachers need a holistic view of the learner and the learning processes in order to create an environment that will support each student, at any given time. A product supports all learning processes – cognitive, emotional and social, and helps to develop and establish skills, attitudes, values, literacy and knowledge through the collection of information from the various learning platforms, questions and answers, learning mapping and the creation of learner profiles. The product supports all learning processes – cognitive, emotional and social, and helps to develop and establish skills, attitudes, values, literacy and knowledge through the collection of information from the various learning platforms, questions and answers, learning mapping and the creation of learner profiles. Analyzing the metadata of the learners using the system allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the learning processes and the personal customization of learning methods and tools to the learners, and at any time when there is a need to change and reexamine the learning goals and the strategies, methods and tools chosen for their implementation. Through the activity of our platform, we will measure the scope of the professional skills that will enable entrepreneurship and future integration into the employment market among the students, and the development in these skills throughout the school year. This will be done by providing questionnaires that will collect information throughout the year that will examine improvements or changes throughout the year in these skills, as well as correlations of such developments with educational achievements, and teacher reports on classroom climate and personal behavior.

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AD Knight

3.6.1 - Measured as the annual change in the amount of people injured as a result of vehicle related accidents. Including information on "near misses". Reported Annually.

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A low-cost drop-in solution, creating the only high power & high energy battery. Addionics is creating the next generation of energy storage by focusing on battery physics and are enabling higher energy density, lower charging time, and improved heat safety, with the largest markets in mind.

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AgriFriend is a social start-up for the professional development of farmers in developing countries. AgriFriend solves the difficult problem of lack of access to agricultural professional knowledge, the cause of low productivity and one of the main reasons for the agricultural crisis in developing countries. Thanks to our technology, we manage to teach the users everything they need, from beginning to end, in an innovative and unique way. Our value and uniqueness are reflected in that we collect all the information available on the farmer’s type of crop, analyze it, and it accessible and simplify it so that it meets the exact needs of the farmer. In addition, we develop new tools in order to solve the challenges and difficulties of the farmers for which there is no current solution. AgriFriend makes traditional agriculture smart, at the push of a button.

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Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms cultivates steaks directly from animal cells, with no harm to livestock or the environment. With a proven and scalable platform for growing quality whole beef steaks, we work hand-in-hand with the existing meat ecosystem to ensure we can meet the nutritional demands of a growing world population, while protecting our most precious natural resources. This is how we allow you to enjoy meat, knowing that you have made the best choice for both you and the planet.

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Amai Proteins

Amai Proteins (Amai means “sweet” in Japanese) heals our food and drink by introducing delicious and healthy protein ingredients into everyday life. In the first stage we focus on proteins as an alternative to sugar. Amai takes “sweet” proteins and through a computational and design process (AI-CPD) and fermentation makes the proteins compatible for use in the food industry for a variety of uses.

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Anina develops quick and complex to prepare meals as capsules, made from “ugly” vegetables that were rejected for sales for aesthetic reasons only but are perfectly edible. We at Anina have made it our goal to increase the use of “unsightly” produce in the food industry. Our solution produces a unique combination of innovative technology; design experience; Along with food and culinary knowledge – to create solutions based on tasty and edible recovered food. We use the highest quality ingredients, regardless of their appearance – without compromising on the quality of taste. Nature is our motivation for innovation.

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Atollo is an innovation and product strategy agency. We help our customers produce high-quality, relevant products with great development potential and help them attach significant sustainability values to their activities and find the way to express these values in their products. In addition, Atollo is engaged in the training of the self-employed and private entrepreneurs in the same fields.

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Baromar stores energy for long periods in large quantities (at a size of gigawatt-hours or more) using compressed air in underwater facilities. The uniqueness of the product stems from the design of a rigid underwater structure made of environmentally friendly marine concrete, without moving parts that uses the hydrostatic pressure of the sea in order to reduce costs to extremely low levels. This opens up a large market for storage in large volumes using the proven CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) technology.