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We design and guide sustainable participatory processes in organizations, teams and communities. BEINCO’s tools are based on experience and encourage presence, positive communication and co-creation. We work with the most innovative tools in the world today in the field of participative leadership in order to discover the collective wisdom in an organization, community or group, create commitment through connection and achieve effective results.

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Better Juice

Better Juice Ltd. is the first start-up company in food tech that introduced an innovative technology to reduce all types of sugars in orange juice. The patented technology uses natural ingredients to convert monosaccharides and disaccharides (fructose, glucose and sucrose) into fiber and prebiotic and other non-digestible sugars, while maintaining the juicy taste of the drink, into a digestible drink. Popular juices contain almost 1 gram (25 grams) of sugar per one cup (250 ml) serving. Traditional juicing methods remove almost all of the natural dietary fiber and the health and satiety benefits of fiber. The solution introduces a simple transitional step in the juice process, while maintaining the great taste and the full complement of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, suitable for high-end industrial systems and restaurants.

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Bio-fence is dramatically Decrease Morbidity & Mortality Caused by Contaminated Food Bio-Fence develops a novel Anti microbial molecule that can be inserted into any coating or paint which is common in food sites The Anti Microbial surface can reduce up to 99.999% of microorganism on surfaces and by that reduce dramatically the present of hazard pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and Campylobacter. It is Safe, Highly active, Low cost and stable and can be regenerated easily. Bio Fence team members are highly experienced researchers from the world of coating and food hygiene.

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Bioshade Tech

BioShade is developing a scalable green infrastructure for the built environment - autonomous and modular growing systems for urban greening integrated with AI, IoT and hydroponic technologies. BioShade's Green Infrastructure is completely automated and modular and can interface to any element in the city (roof\ wall\ shading element) while creating sustainable biological shading which performs CO2 capture, air quality improvement and biological thermal insulation for buildings in order to decrease energy consumption on air cooling and mitigate the urban heat island effects.

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Chakratech has developed a unique technology for storing kinetic energy, which enables the quick, economic and environmental establishment of fast and ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles everywhere, even in places where the power grid is weak, without the need to upgrade the infrastructure. Chakratech’s technology provides an almost unlimited number of discharge-charge cycles (over 200,000) without degradation throughout the life of the system and is built from environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled at the end of use. The company has active installations in Europe with leading companies in the energy and automotive fields.

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City Transformer

City Transformer develops the world's first all-electric mobility solution that intelligently transforms its dimensions and riding behavior while driving, to meet the complex challenges of those who call the world’s largest cities “home”.

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Clarifruit developed the world’s first platform for quality control and data analysis for the fresh food industry. Our solution enables a consistent and economical quality control process for fresh fruits and vegetables. This increases inspector productivity by x3 and enables global fresh produce growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, online marketplaces and retailers to make decisions based on high quality data. The result is a better match of fresh produce quality to customer demand and positive revenue opportunities for all stakeholders in the fresh supply chain.

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Clariter is a cleantech company specializing in the development and implementation of advanced and unique solutions in the field of chemical recycling for plastics in Israel and around the world. The global Clariter group, which has a variety of technological patents and innovative CLARITER solutions for mixed plastic waste (colors, types and hardness) which is an urgent global nuisance. Through CLARITER’s unique process, plastic waste is converted into high-quality chemicals; oils, solvents, and waxes (‘Clariter products’). Clariter’s essence – turning a nuisance into a value-creating resource for humanity is not an afterthought but a central business strategy. This value was created by providing sustainable economic solutions, innovative cleantech solutions for the disposal of various types of plastics and creating leading products of high purity chemical products for relevant industries. In light of the growing demand for clean, effective and useful technologies, the volatility in the oil markets, the growing demand for crude oil and the need to meet strict international environmental standards, Clariter technologies allow significant and sustainable opportunities to address and find solutions to the global plastic waste problem. Clariter has developed a unique and cutting-edge technology in combination with existing knowledge such as thermal cracking and refining. The process and products are new, unique and, so far, protected by six patents. The products that Clariter manufactures are produced worldwide and in Israel usually from oil, so in the production process we both get rid of plastic and prevent the unnecessary use of oil. By building the Clariter Israel facility, utilizing local plastic waste and developing additional Clariter Israel products, Clariter Israel will produce for both local and international markets. Clariter Israel intends to lead in the Israeli cleantech industry, create jobs and be a dominant player in the world.

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Count Me

Count-me promotes a ride-sharing future, reducing the economicand environmental effects caused by traffic overload.Count-me’s mobile ride-sharing-monitor is the first reliable SaaS offering that gives an accurate,real-time account of the number of passengers driving together on HOV lanes.

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DockTech is building a Digital Waterway Infrastructure for ports and rivers to increase the efficiency of the supply chain and reduce emissions per cargo. The Digital waterway Infrastructure enables the company to detect environmental changes and project their effect on port operations while increasing the visibility of how the operations affect the environment.