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DryGair Energies Ltd

DryGair leads the dry market for commercial agriculture and specializes in humidity control and monitoring in greenhouses and closed habitats. Unlike other dryer manufacturers, DryGair’s solution was developed at the Volcani Center in Israel, and is intended exclusively for growers. This focus on the climate conditions typical of controlled growing conditions only (80% relative humidity and 18 degrees Celsius) is what differentiates it from its competitors, and because of this it even received global recognition as the leading brand in the field. The traditional solutions for humidity control force growers to heat and ventilate at all times, which results in a lot of energy wastage, and also does not solve the problem of the fluctuation of the climate in greenhouses which leads to the development of diseases. DryGair’s solution is protected by a patent, and is sold in various markets in Europe, America, Africa and even Australia and New Zealand.

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EVR Motors

EVR Motors has developed a unique, patented motor topology that enables smaller, lighter, lower-cost motors, tailored to user requirements. EVR Motors are less than half the size and weight of regular motors and create significant cost reduction.

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EyeKnow AI

Using a unique combination of computer vision, AI and CCTV footage, we are able to measure and track a multitude of health, safety, development and regulatory progress compliance metrics in daycares, schools, nursing homes and other buildings.

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Eyelight is a revolutionary wearable product that provides an answer to 253 million visually impaired and blind people worldwide. It does this by replacing the sense of sight with hearing and touch, to compensate for the visual gap, and provides users with independence in their living environment.

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EZMEMS is a deep tech startup offering a new path for the making of non-Silicon sensors. Instead of using the semiconductors chip industry with its giant carbon footprint (energy, water and greenhouse gases) EZMEMS is converting simple plastics, including plastic waste, into high-performance sensors and allows to digitize any plastic product. EZMEMS' technology enables easy digitization with many small, wireless, battery-less, low-cost, high-performance multi-sensors needed in IoT and edge systems.

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Feelit is providing condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for industrial assets, based on proprietary AI Nano Sticker Sensors, resulting in CO2 emissions and steam savings.

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FILLIT is a project that aims to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that cause pollution of natural resources and contribute to global warming. Reducing the use of plastic bottles will be done by multiple use of a disposable product – repeated use by the consumer by filling the containers at the stations scattered throughout the country in a simple and convenient way. The solution is a win-win for all parties – end consumers, municipalities/councils, retailers and manufacturers. Each party takes responsibility by reducing plastic waste, reducing the amount of CO2, and enjoying significant savings in water, space and money.

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Flying Spark

Flying Spark has developed a technology to produce high-quality, healthy and sustainable protein from fruit fly larvae as an alternative to animal protein. The company produces protein on an industrial scale and works with leading multinational food manufacturers to incorporate the protein into food products, both for humans and animals. Flying Spark’s technology combines larval rearing and processing. It is a highly efficient biological operation, turning cheap feedstock into high quality protein powders at low costs, with a minimal ecological footprint.

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Green Line

The climate crisis is one of the main threats today. We want to create a green line of vegetation on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as well as promote a regional partnership for regional coping with the crisis at an environmental level and promote such a partnership that will promote regional stability towards peace.

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Gyntools develops gynecological diagnostic systems that help make diagnoses today more accurate, for the well-being of the diagnosed women and to reduce unnecessary treatments, examination time and costs of health systems